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Dear customers, guests and colleagues, I welcome you to look in my site! 

I would like to introduce you to lease the site self-service, where you can learn in a short time all the necessary information about the apartments that interest or other housing,  employment check schedules, print out the contract and payment. No  more phone search free apartment accommodation, you will see all the scheduled jobs. The system administrator will ensure the continuous updating of the information, so you will see a continuous accurate position. Always advise by phone or email. mail if any questions arise.


How to use the web-site?

1. You pick an interesting apartment,You can choose a combination of a quick search in the left side , you only care about your dates (do not enter the city)
2. With the left mouse button double-click on the picture
3. Below you will find more photos of the apartment, you just have to click on the first picture. Photo will increase and you will find at the bottom of the arrow with which to view the next picture of the apartment,
4. The prices you will find on the mouse to display the dates you are interested in; employment shows colors,
5. The location of the apartment is marked on the map of Palanga.
6. You will not call me and want to book the apartment: just fill in 5 rows adjacent to the calendar.
7. The hotel will send prepaid account with a request to pay 20 percent. When you get an order, you will see the yellow color coded calendar days.
8. When the bank account shows your contribution reserved for the calendar turns red in color.
9. Do not forget to write how many people arrive so that I can provide all bedding.
10. The website has more than one page, you can flip through the bottom of the page numbered No .: 2 Double click the left mouse button.