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Conditions for residence

Accommodation service conditions between You and the lessor:

1stThe payment terms and contracts

You can book online. Get a written confirmation.Within five days after confirmation, You have to pay an advance of 10-20% of the total booking amount.Before paying money to read these conditions and confirm that you understand the terms and agree to these terms.The remaining money (80-90%), payable on arrival to the place.

Method of payment can be cash, bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Euro/MasterCard and American Express).You can also use the MoneyGram money transfer system.Lessor reserves the right to cancel the order if, within five days after booking confirmation is not received advance.

2ndDetails and pricing

Housing prices you always see the calendar inside. Rates Calendar may be permanently altered.By clicking on the calendar , you get the amount of how much the house will cost you over the rest time. Recorded at the time of reservation price, it will be changed.

General information is given to each object (the distance to the beach, to downtown, to shop, etc.). Also, each object is specified conditions (to allow or not the animals, bedding, towels and ect.). The lessor is responsible for lateroutstanding discrepancies.

Since 2016. April 1st. 1 introduces an additional fee of EUR 1 per night per person over 18 years old.


3rdPrice developments

Although the price for a carefully prepared, can sometimes occur in a variety of misunderstandings.If such misunderstandings occur after the booking confirmation will refund you all your money transferred without additional charges.

4thArrival and departure times

Check-in time is 15:00 pm.until 20:30 hour from Monday to Sunday.

Departure time is 11:00 pm. until 12:00 pm.from Monday to Sunday.

If your arrival and departure times do not meet these hours, it can cost you an additional 3Eur.

5thReservation Cancellation

After the booking confirmation (if it is more than 25 nights prior to your estimated time of arrival), your refusal to rent to you at no cost.However, if you stayed 25 nights or less, your losses may reach 20 percent full. You can give written notice of termination.

Due to unforeseen, force majeure circumstances: the object has a problem, or the like.Lessor proposes another accommodation facility, or refund the item No.3.

6thYour responsibilities

Lease the object should be to protect and respect neighborhood recreation.

For the lease of which might be necessary to provide security of 30 Eur- 100Eur-up under the lessor’s request.It is returned if the object does not damage the day of departure.

For misconduct, neglect of the facility, are not quiet hours (00:00 to 07:00 hrs.) Lessor may immediately terminate the rental agreement and deposit is not refundable.

7thClaims and our commitment

If there are faults or complaints, claims and complaints can be submitted from the date of residence in the apartment.

The Company is not responsible for the robbery of housing.

8thParties’ Responsibilities

The company is a middleman between you and the lessor, co-ordinate your holiday time, suitable accommodation, disseminates information about accommodation and provide advertising.

These intermediary services are interpreted and implemented in the Lithuanian Legislation.